Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Operacion Triunfo

Now that we've coverd a little about one of the past contestants on American Idol, in my post Asia’h Epperson, let's cross the Atlantic to see what0s going on over in Spain at the moment. Yep, there is a similar talent style TV conest going on called Operacion Triunfo and its huge in Spain!

If you live in the US and you've never heard of it, that's not too surprising as it has probably not even got a mention on the secular TV there. "Hey, its outside the US, so its of no consequence." You might laugh at that statement, but you know what? Its pretty factual and not very nice. US television is very naughty at using its might and power to brainwash the public it serves and if you think that's not true, then you are living proof that you've also been brainwashed by that very same television monster to believe that they wouldn't possibly do such a thing!

Er... think on that a while!

Anyhow, enough of my rant against the TV in the US (you are feeling sleepyyyy...) ha!

Let's take a sneaky look at what's happening on the TV in that little country hanging off the western edge of the European continent! If you've ever seen Spanisg TV, you'll agree with me that it is dire. Yes it brainwashes the people that watch it too, but in a different way. The advertisements can go on for 15 minutes at a time during popular shows and those ads are draining in the extreme. You have to get up and walk out the room or you'll end up sleepwalking to your nearest car dealer and driving off with a new four wheel drive that you didn't know you wanted...


Well, get past all the crap and you'll find a decent show if you like to hear good music and in particular good singers. Operacion Triunfo is Spain's answer to American Idol and to be honest, they win hands down on talent. These young (and not so young) adults can sing the pants off the competition anywhere in the world. They are absolutely fantastic!

To add to that they have such a great attitude towards the show and even the strict judges. The US may have Brit Simon Cowell as the bad guy, but he's a pussycat compared to el Risto. This guy carves the poor singers up and eats them in his bocadillos! But they never get an attitude on when he's calling them out, they just stand there and take it on the chin, sometimes with tears, but always with dignity. Unlike some contestants on some other shows I've seen!

I don't think you'll ever get to see Operacion Triunfo on US television, but you could always try their website at operaciontriunfo.com for some snippets of the show.

Just a thought, if you can snap you eyes away from that hypnotic ad that is going to make you buy yet another pizza...

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